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Prof Shailashree Haridas

Dean Economics, Strategy and International Business... View Profile

Prof Shankar Gopal

Professor Database Systems, Distributed Systems, Cloud Compu... View Profile

Prof Kunal Kanti Ghosh

Professor Deployment of Modelling and Analytics in Supply Ch... View Profile

Dr Jaykumar V

Professor Wine Studies,Competency Management, Brand Manageme... View Profile

Prof Suresh G K

Professor 22 years of Industry experience with ITC Ltd. coup... View Profile

Prof Sailesh Chandra Akkaraju

Associate Professor Mortgage , BFSI, Blockchain, Data Science, Robotic... View Profile

Dr Rupa Sarkar

Associate Professor Research in Theoretical and Quantitative Economics... View Profile

Prof Rama L

Associate Professor Quantitative techniques, Business analytics, Resea... View Profile

Dr Prathima V G

Associate Professor HR analytics... View Profile

Prof Ramaprabha D

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Vinod Krishna Makkimane

Associate Professor Personal Financial Planning, Fintech, Blockchain, ... View Profile

Prof Mrinmoy Roy

Associate Professor I have more than 16 years of Industry experience i... View Profile

Prof Anupama G

Associate Professor Consumer Behavior.onsumer research.... View Profile

Dr Biplab Sarkar

Associate Professor Public Policy, Development Economics,Economics of ... View Profile

Prof Shree Vamshi

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Prof Ravi Urs D

Associate Professor Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Startups... View Profile

Mr Suresh A S

Associate Professor Finance... View Profile

Dr Ajay Massand

Associate Professor Associate Professor... View Profile

Dr Jayashree Sapra

Associate Professor Workplace Spiritualism,Organizational Culture,Labo... View Profile

Dr Anitha Jandhyala

Associate Professor Multi-objective optimization using Statistical and... View Profile

Dr Suresh Mani

Assistant Professor Development Economics, Macro Economics,Public Econ... View Profile

Ms Soumya C

Assistant Professor Finance is the backbone of any economy. In order t... View Profile

Prof Sripriya Sourabh

Assistant Professor MBA in Finance & Marketing close to 7 years of Exp... View Profile

Prof Gyanamayee Panigrahi

Assistant Professor Delisting of Securities... View Profile

Dr Jayati Gupta

Assistant Professor Mass Communication, Marketing, Management, Organis... View Profile

Prof Vishruth Vidyadhar Prasad

Assistant Professor Finance... View Profile

Prof Ashwini S

Assistant Professor Finance and Taxation ... View Profile

Dr Preeti Garg

Assistant Professor Derivative Market... View Profile

Prof Vidyashree C

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Soumya vijaykumar sirsali

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Nikhil Manikandan

Assistant Professor Sports Retail Operations and Business Development... View Profile

Prof Nithya G S

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Mahesh S

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Nanda M

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Shwetha S

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Poojashree C

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Sujay C

Assistant Professor Consumer Behaviour, E-Commerce, Sustainable Eating... View Profile

Prof Rahul Ram Ganesh Shankar

Assistant Professor Marketing and HR... View Profile

Prof Sajeev Nair

Assistant Professor Human Resources... View Profile

Prof Sunil Nagendra

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Niveditha P

Assistant Professor Finance and marketing, environmental sustainabilit... View Profile

Ms Jeevitha R

Assistant Professor Finance... View Profile

Prof Prakruthi Bharadwaj

Assistant Professor Data Analysis... View Profile

Prof Swathi Rao

Assistant Professor Business... View Profile

Prof Mohan Kumar D

Assistant Professor Event marketing... View Profile

Prof Akshara Ganesh

Assistant Professor Marketing and Human Resource management... View Profile

Prof Revathi Ravi

Assistant Professor Leadership, Motivation, Financial Planning, Deriva... View Profile

Prof Bhavana G

Assistant Professor international cuisine arts of food production, coo... View Profile

Dr Mehjabeen .

Assistant Professor Economics, Data Analytics, Statistics, Agriculture... View Profile

Prof Arvind L N

Assistant Professor A core finance professional with good technical sk... View Profile

Prof Kuhu Bose

Assistant Professor English language, Business communication ... View Profile

Prof Ajay N

Assistant Professor Human Resource Management.... View Profile

Prof Pavan Kulkarni

Assistant Professor Strategic Management, Sustainable Branding and Mar... View Profile

Dr Thashneem T Bhanu

Assistant Professor Wine Study, Marketing, Benchmarking, Wine Tourism,... View Profile

Prof Shruthi Patel

Assistant Professor Integrated Marketing Communication, Media and Adv... View Profile

Prof Pallavi G S

Assistant Professor H R accounting ,Green Marketing, Consumer behavio... View Profile

Prof Smitha G

Assistant Professor Hospitality Marketing,Experience economy,Service ... View Profile

Prof Deepak Anand

Assistant Professor Brand Management, Consumer Behaviour , Advertising... View Profile

Prof Srinivas G

Assistant Professor Technical analysis in Equity Trades, Options Tradi... View Profile

Prof Deepak Shyam

Assistant Professor Marketing Management & its allied areas,Supply Ch... View Profile

Prof Raghu Yadaganti

Assistant Professor Technology in Marketing,E-Health Services,Psycholo... View Profile


Assistant Professor Human Resource Management and Organizational Behav... View Profile

Prof Priya Vaz

Assistant Professor Marketing,Consumer behaviour, E-commerce, HR... View Profile

Prof Krishnakumar S

Assistant Professor Corporate finance, Investment Management, & Equity... View Profile

Prof Brijesh Singh

Assistant Professor Marketing Strategy, Services Marketing , Marketing... View Profile

Prof Venkatesh Kalyanam

Assistant Professor Human Capital Management & its allied areas, Corp... View Profile

Prof Christopher Devakumar

Assistant Professor Option Strategy, Option Pricing, Factors affecting... View Profile

Prof Abhilash Ramalingaiah

Assistant Professor Capital markets,Behavioural Finance,Derivatives an... View Profile

Prof Deepika K S

Assistant Professor Brand Management ; Digital marketing... View Profile

Prof Ramesh Rajagopalan

Assistant Professor Cost Management ; Areas of Taxation... View Profile

Prof Manasa K

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Rupasi M krishnamurthy

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Lohit N

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Lokeshwari C K

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Harsha R

Assistant Professor ... View Profile


Assistant Professor Taxation and Accounts... View Profile

Prof Sangeetha S Kumar

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Jaya K R

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Savitha R

Assistant Professor In the area of Human Resource Management, Marketin... View Profile

Prof Harish Unnikrishnan

Assistant Professor Food and Beverages, Tourism,Innovation And Marketi... View Profile

Dr Roopa J

Assistant Professor Marketing, Sales Management... View Profile


Assistant Professor ... View Profile


Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Mrs Bindiya B H

Assistant Professor Specialized in Accounting and Taxation... View Profile


Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Rohit Rammurthy

Deputy Director ... View Profile