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Dr Karthiyayini O

Professor Geometric function Theory... View Profile


Professor I am an experimental condensed matter physicist. I... View Profile

Dr Radhakrishnan S

Professor Li Ion battery materialsThin filmsanodic oxidation... View Profile

Dr Deepa K. Nair

Professor Fluid Dynamics... View Profile

Dr Leela V

Professor MHD two phase flows and heat Transfer,Heat transfe... View Profile

Dr Lata Pasupulety

Professor Catalysis,Synthesis of nanoparticles.... View Profile

Dr Vasudevan Iyer R

Professor nanotechnology, materials science, MEMS... View Profile

Dr Revanasiddappa M

Professor Coordination metal complexes, Analytical chemistry... View Profile

Dr Mohana Lakshmi

Associate Professor Conducting Polymers and their Nanocomposites... View Profile

Dr Jagatheswari Kalimuthu

Associate Professor Optimization Techniques using Artificial Intellige... View Profile


Associate Professor Data Assimilation using Kalman Filters... View Profile

Dr Muhammad Faisal

Associate Professor Materials Science: Polymer Composites for Electron... View Profile

Dr Anitha N

Associate Professor Number theory-Ramanujan works.Graph energies and v... View Profile

Dr Shankar B M

Associate Professor Hydrodynamic stability... View Profile

Dr Veerabhadraswamy Mruthyunjaya

Associate Professor Green Chemistry, conversion of Biomass into Biofue... View Profile

Dr Raghavendra Rao K

Associate Professor Lasers Nonlinear and Quantum Optics, Quantum Infor... View Profile

Prof Indudhar Vali

Assistant Professor Semiconductor materials and devices... View Profile

Mrs Jeny Jijo

Assistant Professor Cloud Computing ... View Profile

Dr Harish N

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Komala B

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Mr Kannan P S

Assistant Professor Yoga,Engineering Mathematics, Numerical Methods, O... View Profile

Prof Geetha T R

Assistant Professor Surface Chemistry,Graph Theory.... View Profile

Prof Sachna K G

Assistant Professor Highways & Railways Engineering... View Profile

Prof Latha N

Assistant Professor Fluid dynamics of a non Newtonian fluids... View Profile

Dr Nagabhushana G P

Assistant Professor Engineering Chemistry, Thermodynamic, Nanomaterial... View Profile

Dr Anuradha Bhattacharjee

Assistant Professor Disease modelling using differential equations... View Profile

Dr Reena I

Assistant Professor Quantum Information Theory... View Profile

Dr Vijendra Kumar SK

Assistant Professor Counselling and Mentoring... View Profile

Dr Divya B

Assistant Professor Graph theory -geodetics, designs and codes... View Profile

Prof Asha A

Assistant Professor Photocatalysis, Corrosion studies and Analysis of ... View Profile

Dr Harish N

Assistant Professor Synthesis of materials, Characterisation and appli... View Profile

Dr Monima Sarma

Assistant Professor Luminescent materials... View Profile

Dr Tanmay Chatterjee

Assistant Professor A chemistry graduate. Doctoral studies on fluoresc... View Profile

Mrs Bhavani Siripurapu

Assistant Professor Preparation of thin films by solution casting meth... View Profile

Mrs Kavyashree Udupa

Assistant Professor Graph theory, Magneto hydrodynamics... View Profile

Mrs Rashmi B A

Assistant Professor Environmental Engineering... View Profile

Dr Anil Kumar H G

Assistant Professor Nanomaterials,Corrosion Studies,Single crystal XRD... View Profile

Ms Rekha Selvan

Assistant Professor Biophysics... View Profile

Dr Girish V R

Assistant Professor Graph Theory-Domination Theory, Topological indice... View Profile

Dr Sudheer K

Assistant Professor Management... View Profile

Dr Swetha D S

Assistant Professor Fluid mechanics... View Profile

Dr Basavaraja B M

Assistant Professor NanomaterialsOrganic Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Naveen Kumar S B

Assistant Professor Fluid Mechanics; Convection; Heat & Mass Transfer... View Profile

Mr Satyanarayana Reddy S

Assistant Professor Luminescence properties under ionizing radiations;... View Profile


Assistant Professor heuristic approach to multi-objective transportati... View Profile

Prof Basavaraja Patel B M

Assistant Professor Synthesis, characterization and transport properti... View Profile

Prof Lakshmi Satya Vani Narayanam

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Deepthi Rao

Assistant Professor Graph Theory ... View Profile

Dr Sivasankari Vemban

Assistant Professor Geometric Function Theory... View Profile


Assistant Professor Bio Medical Engineering & Quantum Dots Sensors... View Profile

Mrs Audrey Sandrilla

Assistant Professor Feminine Sensibility,Feminism... View Profile

Ms Preeti Nair

Assistant Professor Engineering Chemistry,Incubation... View Profile

Dr Nagesh H M

Assistant Professor Graph Theory... View Profile

Dr Rangaswamy D R

Assistant Professor Radiation Protection, Radiation Dosimetry, Environ... View Profile

Dr Shruti Devangamath

Faculty Associate Physics... View Profile