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Dr Veena S

Professor Software Defined Networks... View Profile

Prof Dilip Maripuri

Associate Professor Application of IT in Education Methodologies,HR An... View Profile

Dr Ashok Kumar Patil

Associate Professor Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Autonomous Veh... View Profile

Dr Lekha A

Associate Professor Data Mining, Analytics, Programming in C and Pytho... View Profile

Dr Thenmozhi S

Associate Professor Mobile Grid... View Profile

Prof Areeba Ahmed

Assistant Professor Machine Learning... View Profile

Prof Sumitha Chandran

Assistant Professor Programming languages, software engineering... View Profile

Prof Rajani S

Assistant Professor Image Processing, Deep Learning and Computer Visio... View Profile

Prof Shambavi B N

Assistant Professor Software Development,IOT... View Profile

Prof Disha U B

Assistant Professor Data Science, Machine Learning... View Profile

Prof Pooja T S

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence... View Profile

Prof Deepika D

Assistant Professor Machine learning... View Profile

Prof Pavithara T S

Assistant Professor Web technology... View Profile

Prof Ganga Gudi

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, NLP... View Profile

Ms Premalatha H M

Assistant Professor Software Engineering... View Profile

Mr Sreenivas P

Assistant Professor Social Networks, Data Mining, Web technologies... View Profile

Mr Tamal Dey

Assistant Professor Web Engineering, Data Analatics... View Profile

Mr Santosh Katti

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Samyukta D Kumta

Assistant Professor Data Mining, Algorithms, Data Analytics... View Profile

Ms Archana A

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Niteesh K R

Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Deep... View Profile

Prof Sowmya B P

Adjunct Faculty Software Engineering and Testing... View Profile