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Dr Suryaprasad J

Vice Chancellor Computer Science... View Profile

Prof Prasad H.B.

Director Cybersecurity, Internet of Things, AI/ML... View Profile

Dr Sudarshan TSB

Dean I also work on Computer Architecture, Parallel Pro... View Profile

Prof Nitin V Pujari

Dean Data Science, Machine Learning, Operating Systems... View Profile

Prof Annapurna D

Professor Computer Network,Wireless Networks, Cyber Security... View Profile

Dr Deepu R

Professor Image Processing & Computer Vision, Machine Learni... View Profile

Dr Ramamurthy Srinath

Professor ... View Profile

Dr Sujatha Upadhyaya

Professor I come from a background of Knowledge Modelling an... View Profile

Dr Uma D

Professor Data science and engineering, Text summarisation, ... View Profile

Dr Arun Vikas Singh

Professor Image Processing, Multimedia Communication, 5G, IO... View Profile

Dr Bharathi R

Professor Data science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning... View Profile

Dr Shylaja S S

Professor Computer Vision and Image Processing, Machine Lea... View Profile

Dr Jayashree R

Professor Text summarisation, natural language processing, T... View Profile

Dr Mamatha H R

Professor Computer Vision, Image Processing and Pattern Reco... View Profile

Dr Surabhi Narayan

Professor Image and Video Processing,Data Mining.... View Profile

Dr Sarasvathi V

Professor Cyber Security, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Cl... View Profile

Dr Natarajan S

Professor Remote Sensing, Geographical information system... View Profile

Dr Pooja Agarwal

Professor Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Langua... View Profile

Dr Sandesh Jayanth

Professor Multimodal Data Mining, Computer Vision, Machine L... View Profile

Dr Arti Arya

Professor Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Repres... View Profile

Dr Gowri Srinivasa

Professor Focussed primarily in the application areas of Edu... View Profile

Dr Priyanka H

Associate Professor Cloud computing, Web technologies and Machine Lear... View Profile

Prof Geetha D

Associate Professor Compiler Design,Object Oriented Analysis and Desig... View Profile

Dr Gokul Kannan Sadasivam

Associate Professor Solid technical foundation in Network Security and... View Profile

Prof Venkatesh Prasad

Associate Professor Industry + Teaching Experience in Networking, Netw... View Profile

Prof Vinodha K

Associate Professor Computer Networks and Network Security,Machine Le... View Profile

Dr Kamatchi Priya L

Associate Professor Disease Prediction,Machine Learning,Data Analytics... View Profile

Prof Prajwala T R

Associate Professor Compiler design, system software, computer archit... View Profile

Dr Shruti Jadon

Associate Professor Real time systems, Blockchain... View Profile

Dr Clara Kanmani A

Associate Professor Cloud computing/Cyber security/Semantic web... View Profile

Dr Chaitra N

Associate Professor Deep Learning, Machine Learning... View Profile

Dr Swetha P

Associate Professor machine Learning, Data Mining,... View Profile

Dr Manju More E

Associate Professor Expertise in Machine Learning,Data Mining,cloud co... View Profile

Dr Arpita Chaudhuri

Associate Professor Data Science... View Profile

Prof Deepa S

Associate Professor Computer Networks and Engineering Education... View Profile

Dr Alpha Vijayan

Associate Professor Done the research work in the area of machine lear... View Profile

Dr Shivakumar Dalali

Associate Professor Leveraging Biometrics to Big data. ... View Profile

Prof Sudeepa Roy Dey

Associate Professor Machine Learning, Data mining, Artificial Intellig... View Profile

Dr Radhika M Hirannaiah

Associate Professor "Designed an innovative architectural model for en... View Profile

Dr Saranya Rubini S

Associate Professor Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Deep Learnin... View Profile

Dr Preethi P

Associate Professor Deciphering Epigraphical Inscriptions of Karnataka... View Profile

Dr Roopa Ravish

Associate Professor Intelligent Transport System. Machine Learning, Re... View Profile

Prof Vinay A

Associate Professor Biometrics, Pattern Recognition... View Profile

Mr Prakash C O

Associate Professor Social Media/Network Analytics,Natural Language Pr... View Profile

Dr Adithya Balasubramanyam

Associate Professor Human Computer Interactions, Mimicking human body ... View Profile

Dr Prafullata K Auradkar

Associate Professor Distributed Graph databases and analytics,Spatial ... View Profile

Dr Karthik S

Associate Professor Digital Image Processing,Machine Learning.... View Profile

Prof Raghu B. A. Rao

Associate Professor Predictive Data Analytics, Data Science, Machine L... View Profile

Dr Nagegowda K S

Associate Professor Secure IoT, Reinforcement learning algorithms appl... View Profile

Prof Badri Prasad V R

Associate Professor Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Nat... View Profile

Prof Preet Kanwal

Associate Professor Federated Learning,Cyber Security,Compiler Design ... View Profile

Dr Kiran D C

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Nagasundari S

Associate Professor Worked on many Cyber security and Cloud Computing ... View Profile


Associate Professor ... View Profile

Prof Dinesh Singh

Associate Professor Machine learning... View Profile

Mrs Vandana M L

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Computational Intelligence, ... View Profile

Prof Charu Kathuria

Assistant Professor CS... View Profile

Prof Gayathri R S

Assistant Professor CS... View Profile

Mrs Swathy Mugundan

Assistant Professor Deep Learning, Computer Networks, Distributed Comp... View Profile

Dr Prema Ramasamy

Assistant Professor Data Analytics and Machine Learning... View Profile

Prof Chandrashekhar P Chavan

Assistant Professor Computer Networks Data Structure using C Operati... View Profile

Prof Shilpa S

Assistant Professor Machine learning, cloud computing... View Profile

Prof Sheela Devi M

Assistant Professor Expertise in Computer Networks,Cyber security,Cryp... View Profile

Ms Jayashree S

Assistant Professor Cryptography... View Profile

Mrs Gauri Rapate

Assistant Professor The Internet of things (IoT) describes physical ob... View Profile

Prof Jayapriya D

Assistant Professor Data Structures and its Application Problem Solvi... View Profile

Prof Pavan A C

Assistant Professor Working in the field of Digital image processing t... View Profile

Divyashree N

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Data Analytics... View Profile

Prof Chaitra S

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Poonam Kumari

Assistant Professor Machine Learning... View Profile

Prof Jeevitha M

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Bhargavi Mokashi

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Shruti B P

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Harish Naik B M

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Arathi B N

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Swati Pratap Jagdale

Assistant Professor Automata Theory. Compiler Design. System Softwar... View Profile

Prof B Saranya Devi

Assistant Professor Data science... View Profile

Dr Yashaswini D K

Assistant Professor Image processing, machine learning... View Profile

Dr Mohan Kumar A V

Assistant Professor Working as an Assistant Professor in the Departmen... View Profile

Prof Kundhavai K R

Assistant Professor Computer Networks & Security... View Profile

Prof Swati shah

Assistant Professor Data mining... View Profile

Prof Vidyashree K

Assistant Professor CSE... View Profile

Ms Shwetha K N

Assistant Professor Phython & Java... View Profile

Prof Shruthi G

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Nisha V M

Assistant Professor Computer Network, OS, HTML,... View Profile

Prof Pavithra S

Assistant Professor Data Science, Bigdata Analytics, Machine Learning,... View Profile

Prof surbhi choudhary

Assistant Professor real time data anyalysis on twitter data , and oth... View Profile

Prof Rohith Vaidya

Assistant Professor Network Security, Cyber Security... View Profile

Prof Deivapraba T

Assistant Professor Hands-on experience in IoT training ... View Profile

Prof Divyaprabha K N

Assistant Professor Compiler Design, HPC on homogeneous and heterogene... View Profile

Mrs Nivedita Kasturi

Assistant Professor working on the problems related to information pro... View Profile

Mrs Nazmin Begum

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer vision... View Profile

Prof Karthika G

Assistant Professor Computer Networks, Design and analysis of algorith... View Profile

Prof Santhosh Kumar G

Assistant Professor Cloud Computing... View Profile

Prof Komal Baheti

Assistant Professor Cloud computing machine learning ... View Profile

Prof Kokila Paramanandam

Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Video P... View Profile

Prof Rachana H K

Assistant Professor CS... View Profile

Ms Evlin Vidyu Latha P

Assistant Professor Computer Networks, Internet of Things... View Profile

Prof Vinay Joshi

Assistant Professor Software Testing, Software Engineering,Model based... View Profile

Prof Jyothi R

Assistant Professor Data Mining, Predictive Data Analytics.... View Profile

Prof Kakoli Bora

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Swati Gambhire

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Savitri S

Assistant Professor Data Analytics.... View Profile

Prof Kavitha K N

Assistant Professor Machine Learning,Natural Language Processing,Data ... View Profile

Prof Mahesh H B

Assistant Professor System Software,Compiler Design,Theory of Computat... View Profile

Prof Sindhu R Pai

Assistant Professor Digital Image Processing - Specially Image Inpaint... View Profile

Prof Chitra G M

Assistant Professor Image Processing & Machine Learning.... View Profile

Prof Priya Badrinath

Assistant Professor Databases Big Data Cloud Computing SE ... View Profile

Prof Silviya Nancy J

Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence.Data Science.... View Profile

Prof Mahitha G

Assistant Professor Data Analytics & Machine Learning.... View Profile

Prof Shanthala P T

Assistant Professor Research on security in IoT ... View Profile

Prof Shubha Raj Kukkalale

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Jamuna S Murthy

Assistant Professor Data science, natural language processing, cloud a... View Profile

Prof Chandravva Hebbi

Assistant Professor Computer Science... View Profile

Prof Deepti C

Assistant Professor Internet of Things,Embedded Systems,Wireless Senso... View Profile

Prof saritha prajwal

Assistant Professor Cloud Computing,Internet of Things,Machine Learnin... View Profile

Prof Kusuma K V

Assistant Professor Data Science.... View Profile

Prof Aisha Begam

Assistant Professor Computer networks, Internet of Things.... View Profile

Prof Sreenath M V

Assistant Professor Machine learning, Network Science,Software Enginee... View Profile

Prof S Vanitha

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Channabasavanna B S

Assistant Professor Technology for Education.Information Retrieval Vs ... View Profile

Prof Vinutha H

Assistant Professor Python,C,Machine Learning... View Profile

Prof Deepashree H L

Assistant Professor Internet of Things in Healthcare and Industry , Mi... View Profile

Prof Nandini G

Assistant Professor Hardware and software systems... View Profile

Prof Teja I

Assistant Professor Computer Networks, Software Engineering, Python, U... View Profile

Prof Vidhyashree D M

Assistant Professor Object Oriented Programming with C++,System Softwa... View Profile

Prof Apoorva M S

Assistant Professor Supervised /Unsupervised Machine Learning,Natural ... View Profile

Prof Animesh Giri

Assistant Professor Exceptionally seasoned and dedicated Engineering P... View Profile

Prof Sumy Joseph

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Sivagamasundari G

Assistant Professor Dr. Sivagamasundari G holds a Ph.D. from Pondicher... View Profile

Prof Ashwini M J

Assistant Professor Natural Language Processing,Sentiment Analysis and... View Profile

Mrs Prema Jain

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Charanraj B R

Assistant Professor Internet of Things,Information Security,Cloud Comp... View Profile

Prof Vadiraja Acharya

Assistant Professor I am currently working on developing security fram... View Profile

Prof Pushpa G

Assistant Professor Data Analytics,Data Science,Medical Internet of Th... View Profile

Prof Ruby Dinakar J

Assistant Professor Big Data, Data Analytics, IoT, Database, Data mini... View Profile

Prof Likitha P

Assistant Professor Data Science,Deep Learning.... View Profile

Prof Shruthi L

Assistant Professor Computer Networks, Networks Routing... View Profile

Prof Jamuna .

Assistant Professor Natural Language Processing and Computer Networks... View Profile

Prof Ananthanagu U

Assistant Professor Machine Learning,Natural Language Processing,Trans... View Profile

Prof Revathi G P

Assistant Professor Internet of Things,IOT in Agriculture,Wireless Sen... View Profile

Mr Bhaskarjyoti Das

Adjunct Lecturer Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Ne... View Profile

Prof Anjushree K

Faculty Associate cloud computing , IOT and Machine Learning.... View Profile